Do or Die for the Warriors

Today is the day when the record is set straight as the warriors of Zimbabwe take on Tunisia in the final group game match. It is mathematically posible for the warriors to qualify for the quarter finals. A win for Zimbabwe and a draw or win for the lions of teranga will make us advance as the group’s runners up.

So in a nutshell ,fate is in our hands and the palms of Senegal. This is unfamiliar territory as we have never advanced to next stage but its of paramount importance to keep a cool and calm head. The nation is behind Zimbabwe and the warriors should be boosted by the return of the silent assasin “Knowledge Musona”. He should have more than ¬†enough support from the able bodied Khama “Khamaldinho” Billiat.

The brilliant young Musona was caught a bit off guard as the physicality of the Senegalese tipped the scale in favour of the lions. Anyway today is today as Zimbabwe will want to show the  continent and world at large how talented we are. The kick is a few hours away and the warriors should make us proud.



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