Stunner cries as the Olinda saga heats up

The Stunner and Olinda saga that caught the attention of every Zimbabwean on social media recently isn’t over just yet. Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa, the journalist interviewed Stunner live on social media. Her platform of choice – Facebook Live, which coincidentally is the same platform that was used by Stunner’s wife to start all of this.

Stunner insisted that he did not owe his fans any explanation for what happened in his house however he insisted that  his wife Olinda could explain to the public why she made the issue public.

Stunner admitted that he cheated on Olinda, but did not give further details as to what ,when , how. Stunner said he would only explain and apologise to his wife, and not to everyone else. Stunner admitted that they were married traditionally but nothing was legally binding as rumours had suggested.

Stunner admitted that his wife earned more than he did although he tried to deny that she was the breadwinner. More or less what the public expected in this case. The hard cold truth is women are after Stunner and its difficult for him to keep up. Its not a reason to cheat but He is not the first one to do it. For a more incisive view follow this link to get the full story





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