Dr Oliver “TUKU” Mtukudzi’s Hai-Kobo a hit in the making

Hai-Kobo a force to reckon

Ever wondered how some musicians stand out financially as compared to the others? Yes , talent take you places but most musicians lack the business acumen needed for one to stand out. Dr Oliver “TUKU” Mtukudzi is definitely standing out. He is now going to leave a legacy because of his quickly developing brand. TUKU is undoubtebly the most talented musician yet he is not sitting on his loins. Tuku taken a step further in  expanding his empire by partnering with Tagged Green in this endevour.

With all due respect ,Isn’t it funny how some less talented musicians become richer as compared to the more talented. Its a wake up call to some artists so as to emulate what the Doctor is doing.

Hai-Kobo is a range of footwear which is already in the market. The school shoes are now being found at athienitis FIFE AVE.  The range of shoes for men and women are found in Barbous stores across the country and M-Store Borrowdale.

Being an optimistic person as i am , I will try to be as realistic as possible. The doctor should be a millionaire in no later than a year with all things being constant.  A couple thousand pairs of shoes should take him across the finish line without even considering the school shoes which is a bigger market in retrospect. Lets cross our fingers and see how the business unfolds but i can confidently say the Doctor is leading by example in making a legacy of his own.



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