Lil Wayne Confirms Retirement — Blames Former Friend Birdman

Weezy is putting the mic down. In a new interview, Lil Wayne confirmed that he is retired from music — and that it’s because Birdman owes him millions.

Well, this sucks. Lil Wayne, 33, has confirmed that he is retired from making music, which he originally said in March 2014. However, there was some question about whether or not he was planning a comeback after he performed with Drake, 29, on Sept. 4.

In an interview with Undisputed on FS1, Wayne explained that his reason for retirement has a lot to do with his ongoing feud with former boss, Birdman, 47. “This is business. I have a family, I have kids, I have a mother. We got bills. This is business. Once the business is right, then everything is right,” Lil Wayne explained. “I did feel that way, and I didn’t take the tweet down because I said I still feel that way.”

As for whether or not Lil Wayne would ever work with Birdman again, his response was simple: “No sir.” But the rapper added that no matter how much he says he’s retiring, he still hasn’t reached the “height” of his talent — nor will he stop creating in the studio.

Despite stepping down from music, Wayne did have one very important message for Birdman: “Gimme mine and I’ll walk free.” Hmm, maybe that will inspire the Cash Money Records co-founder to finally bury the hatchet with Wayne. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

Tell us, Zimbos — Do YOU think Lil Wayne will stay retired? Do you think he and Birdman will ever end their feud?



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